First look at Friends star Courteney Cox's Shining Vale season 2

courteney cox, shining vale season 2 trailer
Courteney Cox in Shining Vale season 2STARZ

Courteney Cox's TV show Shining Vale has released the first trailer for its upcoming second season.

The first season of the Starz drama followed a family moving into a new house with a dark past. Cox's Patricia was the only one who noticed the disturbances around the house and couldn't figure out if she was depressed or possessed.

The second season trailer features Patricia returning to the house claiming that she has been rehabilitated. She then prepares for a TV interview in which she practices the party line of a "nervous breakdown" being the reason for her behaviour in the first season.

courteney cox, shining vale season 2 trailer

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The trailer also shows Patricia going on a book tour while she starts to have visions that her husband Terry (Greg Kinnear) also sees.

"What if my psychosis got into the family?" Patricia asks, a question that seems to set up the overall story of the second season. The rest of the trailer depicts the family trying to piece their lives back together.

The first season of Shining Vale received good reviews, continuing Cox's success in the murder/horror genre. She has played Gale Weathers in all six movies of the popular Scream franchise.

courteney cox, shining vale season 2 trailer

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Earlier this year, Cox opened up about Neve Campbell's decision to leave the slasher series: "I missed working with her, but I'm going to support whatever she feels is right," Cox said.

The actress also recreated an iconic Friends moment earlier this year. She and TikToker Kelli Erdmann shared a skit about the "one last job" Hollywood trope.

The video ended with Cox and Erdmann performing the Monica and Ross Geller dance routine from Friends, while Cox also admitted to being similar to Monica due to her own "secret closet."

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