This is our first look at RTX 50-series GPUs — and there’s one big surprise

Nvidia Blackwell chips.

Although we’ve heard plenty of rumors about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 50-series GPUs, we haven’t seen any leaks — until now. Clevo, a Taiwanese laptop maker, was recently hit by a ransomware attack, and some confidential slides detailing Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs have made their way online.

Dominic Alvieri, a cybersecurity analyst, grabbed the slides from ransomware group RansomHub and posted them on X (formerly Twitter). The slides include timelines for Intel and AMD mobile CPUs, as well as a few details about Nvidia’s next-gen graphics cards. According to the slides, Nvidia is prepping six new mobile GPUs that are slated to arrive in 2025.

There are a couple of interesting details here. First, the slides say that all of the cards will use GDDR7 memory, which is something the rumor mill has unanimously reiterated for close to a year. It looks like some models are getting an upgrade, too. If Nvidia keeps with its current naming scheme, the RTX 5080 will come with 16GB of GDDR7, which is an upgrade from the 12GB we saw on the mobile RTX 4080.

You can see the full breakdown of chips below, which reveals one surprise. There’s a mystery GPU here. The GN22-X7 12GB doesn’t have a comparable version from the current generation. It’s the only 12GB model inthe range, and it’s using the same board as the two highest-end models. That could mean Nvidia is already working on something like an RTX 5070 Ti, or perhaps a lower-end version of the RTX 5080.

A slide showing Nvidia's RTX 50-series road map.

That latter situation could play out. Recent rumors say that the desktop RTX 5080 could be less of an upgrade than expected, and Nvidia might follow with its mobile lineup.

Even with six new models, the leaked slides show that Nvidia will maintain several older models in laptops. It shows Nvidia carrying forward the RTX 4050 and RTX 3050 that we’ve seen in the current generation, as well as the RTX 2050. It looks like that last card will eventually be replaced with the RTX 3050, though with a cutdown 4GB of VRAM.

Although this is the first major leak we’ve seen around RTX 50-series GPUs, it doesn’t mean all of the information is accurate. There’s no saying how old these slides are, and there’s still plenty of time for Nvidia to change its plans.

Currently, we expect Nvidia is announce its first RTX 50-series GPUs toward the back half of this year. It normally reveals new generations at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in the fall, with the highest-end desktop options arriving before mobile. Given that, we should hear more about RTX 50-series mobile graphics at the beginning of next year.