Flames fans pumped for playoff run

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Flames fans pumped for playoff run

Calgary Flames fans are pumped for tonight's start to the team's playoff run against the Anaheim Ducks.

"Nuts. Absolutely insane," is how Home and Away sports pub general manager Jordan Thomson describes previous runs including the 2004 Red Mile.

"17th Avenue, there was just pools of people everywhere streaming," he said.

Thomson's hoping to see that energy again, starting tonight.

"I think it will be a slower start but if they can start to gain some traction against Anaheim in the first couple of games I think the city is going to go nutter butters. It's going to be crazy."

A Calgary Transit bus driver is proudly sporting his jersey while on his route.

Dale Stefanik has been a fan since the team moved from Atlanta in 1980. He'll be enjoying the game tonight at home with his family.

"Day one and hopefully a lot more days ahead," is what Stefanik's hoping for.

Fan Alan Jones has some suggestions for the team.

"They just have to stick with their game plan and quit the rough stuff," Jones told CBC News.

"Brian Elliot has got to come out big and so do Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan and we will do OK."

He wears his away jersey to stand out but only during playoff runs.

"Pure playoffs for me. I don't look good in hats."

Another jersey-wearing supporter says the team has to stay out of the penalty box.

"I think they have a little bit more edge after what happened last week when they played," Darcy Skowronski said.

"I think they are going to bring a little more intensity and play a little cleaner game so they don't get caught up in all of the shenanigans."

Fan Mike Pigot says it's about keeping the faith.

"There is always hope. Right now it's a tough series for sure playing the Ducks but we have great faith they will do well. They seem pretty focused at the end of the last game so we will see how it goes," Pigot said.

"The city always loves the playoff run. Even though it's a tough first round people are going to get into it."

Jamesons Irish Pub manager Costa Tsoulias says he's fully booked tonight.

"We are anticipating a really, really good night," Tsoulias said.

"We go full capacity for this game. Our seating capacity is 225 are we are already maxed out. Everybody in Calgary is a Flames fan these days."

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