Florida Family's Lake Day Turns Into Rescue Mission After They Spot a Dog Trying to Stay Afloat

“Having Dax back means more than they could know,” the dog's family told a local news outlet

<p>Leslie Acosta</p> Florida family with Dax the missing dog, who they rescued from a lake

Leslie Acosta

Florida family with Dax the missing dog, who they rescued from a lake

A relaxing visit to the lake became an intense day for a family in Florida.

On Sunday, Deltona, Florida, resident Leslie Acosta and her family were at a local lake when she spotted a tired-looking dog swimming by itself in the middle of the lake. She told Fox 35 Orlando that she and her family immediately sprung into action to rescue the pup.

"It was exhilarating and exciting," Acosta told the outlet. "I mean, yeah, we got some action on a Sunday. We got to do a little Baywatch rescue mission."

The hero of the rescue was Irving Colon, who drove out a jon boat — typically used for fishing — to where the dog was swimming after attempts to reach the canine with a canoe failed.

"I have a dog, so I definitely wouldn't want that to happen to my dog," Colon told Fox 35. "And if anybody would see my dog or any dog, I am hoping they would do the same thing."

<p>Leslie Acosta</p> Florida family rescues dog from lake

Leslie Acosta

Florida family rescues dog from lake

Acosta, Colon, and their crew of animal rescuers later learned the dog was named Dax, and he was missing from his home. The 5-year-old shepherd/Lab mix had escaped from his owners 12 hours prior and somehow ended up in the middle of the lake. Dax's family explained to Fox 35 that their fence had broken, and "Dax's adventurous spirit got the better of him."

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"Luckily for our family, there were people kind enough to go above and beyond in assisting his return home," the dog's owners added. "We're incredibly grateful for the individuals who pulled him out of the lake! Not to mention the extra time they put in afterward to care for him."

Dax returned home uninjured, aside from some soreness, from his lake escapade. His family said that Dax is in good spirits, and they are, too, thanks to the kind actions of the dog's rescuers.

"Having Dax back means more than they could know," said the family. "We're blessed to be surrounded by such a phenomenal community."

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In Troy, Michigan, a different dog surprised animal lovers by showing up in a surprising place.

On Saturday, Aries the pit bull mix, and her owner, Melissa Fickel, were involved in a minor car accident. Although no one was injured, and there were just minor damages to the vehicles, Aries was spooked by the accident. According to Fickel, the dog jumped out the window immediately after the crash and ran off.

According to the owner of Hounds Town Metro Detroit — a doggy daycare and boarding facility in Troy, Michigan, that Aries frequently visits — the canine traveled over one mile from the accident site to the daycare.

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Travis Ogden, the owner of the daycare, tells PEOPLE that two Hounds Town employees were in the lobby when Aries ran up and started jumping up and down at the facility's front door.

Initially, Ogden thought it might be a stray dog looking to say hello — but as he got closer, he recognized Aries immediately.

"I was like, 'Oh, that looks like Aries.' And then she walks closer, and I'm like, 'That is Aries!'" he says.

"She's a frickin' smart smart pup. She just knew where her safe place was after being so panicked from the car accident," Ogden added.

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