Folks are confused by $1.1M price tag on this Montana house. ‘This is a joke, right?’

The price tag of a home in the resort town of Whitefish, Montana, is kicking up some massive dust online, and people are completely flummoxed.

The three-bedroom, one-bathroom home — which is 1,824 square feet — is listed for $1.1 million. Since it’s Montana, most figured the price reflected acreage. Surprise! It doesn’t.

Exterior of the home
Exterior of the home

“Nestled within the highly coveted enclave of Whitefish, this property boasts views of Riverside Park, where the tranquil waters of Whitefish River intertwine with lush greenery,” the listing on Re/Max says.

“Nature enthusiasts and active individuals alike will revel in the proximity to Whitefish’s picturesque bike and pedestrian park, offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. For those craving a social atmosphere, a leisurely stroll leads to the vibrant heart of downtown Whitefish, where charming boutiques, cafes, and eclectic shops await exploration.”


Well, according to Realtor, the prices in the neighborhood run from $1.99 million to even $2.8 million, but the residences appear to be larger and have more curb appeal or are spacious condos.

The owner and listing agent for the property are standing firmly on the price in a city known for hiking and skiing near Glacier National Park, according to Business Insider.

“It’s about the ‘location, location, location,’” listing agent Heather Reddig said to Business Insider. “That’s what he feels the home is worth.”


Reddig is speaking of seller Gary Hanson, who inherited the residence from his father after he died in 2023.

The listing also notes that in addition to the home and lot, buyers will also receive a “trove of treasures that will seamlessly transfer to the new owner two weeks prior to closing.”

But what do the treasures consist of? Hanson isn’t saying.

“The house is stuffed full of stuff,” Hanson said to Business Insider. “Someone said, ‘Boy, you got everything in there but the kitchen sink.’ I told him, ‘Well, that’s in there, too.’”

The home was featured on Instagram in a video, and people were in deep shock by the price — not to mention the fact that there are no photos or video footage of the interior.

What don’t I know about whitefish Montana?!” one person asked in the comment section.

“This has got to be satire unless its like way too many acres,” another noted.

“I was waiting for this dope zoom out of acres of land that came with the house and it’s literally in the city,” someone observed.

“Did anyone ever answer why so much? Doesn’t look like much acreage. Is it the things IN the house?” one person asked.

“This is a joke, right. I thought California was expensive,” another said.

Whitefish is about 255 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington.

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