Football fan calls for public help in locating lost ring

Football fan calls for public help in locating lost ring

A football fan is appealing to the public to help him find his lost customized wedding ring.

Andrew Tait and his friend ventured to Mosaic Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 2 to watch the Riders take on the Blue Bombers in the Labour Day Classic after attending church with his wife.

Tait noticed his hand felt a bit lighter about mid-way through the first quarter of the football game. After a moment of brief panic he started searching for the ring.

"It's definitely a unique creation, it definitely stands out, it kind of looks like a nut except it's got two extra sides," Tait said. "It means a lot to me. If anyone can help retrieve this ring, there will be a reward and I'll just be happy to have it back."

Tait said his seats were in the 139 section of the stadium and fans there helped him look as soon as he noticed the ring was gone, but to no avail. Retracing his steps back to the gate brought about similar results.

Before attending the game, he said he took part in a pre-game celebration at a friends house situated behind the old stadium. He then walked down 10th Avenue to get to the game.

Tait made posts on Roughrider fan pages on social media which he said garnered a strong response.

"It's amazing to see the Riders community come behind something that's very important to me," Tait said. "Everyone's got messages of sympathy or similar stories… they've all got a heart out for you."

He said he's contacted the people responsible for running the stadium to notify them the ring is missing. Tait has also notified local pawn shops and he's kept his eye on buy-and-sell websites to try and track down his the jewelry.

Tait said he was more worried about telling his wife that the customised jewelry was gone, however she's been supportive in his efforts to try and track it down.

"She was more upset that I had lost ring, not because she was upset at me, but because I felt bad about it," Tait said. "At the end of the day I've still got my loving wife, I just don't have the ring that shows that." With files from Peter Mills

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