Forget Italy's 1 euro homes. You can buy a crumbling, 2-bedroom fixer-upper for $1 in Michigan.

  • Forget Italy's cheap houses — you can get this two-bedroom home in Pontiac, Michigan, for $1.

  • But as the listing photos show, the rundown property needs some serious restoration work.

  • No, seriously: Some rooms have exposed wooden wall frames and there's even a hole in the floor.

Forget 1 euro homes in Italy — you might just have a shot at American home ownership in this economy if you manage to get your hands on this $1 house in Pontiac, Michigan.

If you're looking for a fixer-upper and not intimidated by the challenges of renovating a home on your own, this property is probably the stuff of dreams.

The listing describes the house as the "World's Cheapest Home," and it very much looks the part: Paint is peeling off the walls, and a layer of dust and grime appears to cover the floor, as photos show.

The kitchen of the $1 house in Michigan. The paint is peeling from the walls and the floor is covered in a layer of grime.
The $1 house is clearly a fixer-upper: The paint is peeling from the walls and the floor is covered in a layer of grime.Chris Hubel/Good Company

But the listing description implies that this shouldn't deter any potential buyers.

"Unleash your inner DIY guru and embrace the challenge of turning this 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom ranch into a masterpiece that will make Chip and Joanna green with envy," the listing reads, referring to "Fixer Upper" stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Although some rooms look incomplete, due to walls with exposed wooden frames and cork insulation, the listing notes the house's potential as being "as limitless as your imagination."

One of the rooms in the house looks like it's missing a layer of interior plaster .
One of the rooms in the house looks like it's missing a layer of interior plaster.Chris Hubel/Good Company

Despite feelings of shock or intimidation that these images could stir up, the listing urges potential buyers to stay open.

"Step inside and experience the thrilling rollercoaster of emotions as you discover every nook and cranny that's begging for your creative touch," the listing says.

And that hole in the floor, right next to the furnace?

That's an "avant-garde 'floor hole' art installation" that gives you "an authentic, unfiltered glimpse into the crawl space," according to the listing description.

There's a hole in the floor, next to the furnace.
There's a literal hole in the floor.Chris Hubel/Good Company

Outside, the exterior of the house looks weathered and old, with an overgrown lawn.

"Imagine a garden so wild, even Mother Nature would raise an eyebrow," the listing says. "The overgrown shrubbery and exotic weeds lend an air of mystery, inviting local critters for an impromptu garden party."

An alternate view of the $1 home.
An alternate view of the $1 home.Chris Hubel/Good Company

According to the listing, the 724-square-foot house was constructed in 1956.

Houses in Pontiac have a median listing home price of $144,700, per data from real-estate platform There are currently 153 single-family homes for sale in Pontiac, and this $1 fixer-upper is the cheapest listing in the area.

As the listing says, "This home is not just a house — it's a ticket to the real estate adventure of a lifetime."

Correction: August 18, 2023 — An earlier version of this story misstated the house's past transaction history. It was not sold last year.

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