Former Miss USA Nia Sanchez Has Rare Pregnancy Complication with Twins: 'We're Having Faith'

Nia Sanchez and husband Daniel Booko are expecting twin girls later this year

Nia Sanchez/Youtube
Nia Sanchez/Youtube

Nia Sanchez is opening up about weathering a storm in her pregnancy.

The former Miss USA, 33, and husband Daniel Booko shared a YouTube vlog on Monday, detailing a recent difficult moment in her pregnancy with twin baby girls.

"We got some news on Tuesday, and today is Friday. Would you like to share so I can keep it together?" she asked Booko in the video, shot in their car.

"On Tuesday, we were diagnosed with TAPS," he began.

"Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence," she explained, naming a condition in which "blood flows unequally between twins that share a placenta (monochorionic), resulting in one fetus receiving more red blood cells than the other," per the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"We're in stage one of that. That was not good news," Booko said. "But we've been praying that it normalizes by itself, and that's what we're going to check right now."

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Looking at Sanchez's bump, he continued, "We love you girls and we're having faith that God chose us to have you for a reason, and that everything's going to work out great because God is good."

Discussing the days of waiting for more information, Sanchez explained, "We've both had our moments — so many emotions and tears, shared with family and close friends."

"We are choosing faith," continued Sanchez, who is already mom to son Asher, 16 months. "We've had so many people remind us that these little girls are miracles from the beginning, and so we are believing for miracles. One, to not have this progress any further but also the miracle of it reversing. So we're praying for that."

The video then cut to a scene of the two joking around and having some levity in the doctor's office as they awaited the scan. When the video returns to them in the car, both are in tears and Booko starts cheering, "Yes!"

"I cried, you cried," Sanchez said. "We were praying for a miracle, literally. This doesn't often reverse, but it's reversed and we're back in a normal range."

Sanchez went on to explain that their doctor didn't tell them they were near stage two of the complication at the time they were diagnosed, making the reversal all the more important.

"That's when they would have had to start doing steroid shots to develop babies' lungs for super crazy early delivery, like three months early," she explained. "But it reversed, thank you Lord."

Booko added, "We're just praying it continues that way, that whatever was happening stopped."

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