Former NY Jets Star Braylon Edwards Rescues 80-Year-Old Man Being Beaten In Locker Room

Former NFL receiver Braylon Edwards rescued an unconscious 80-year-old man under attack at a YMCA locker room in Farmington Hills, Michigan, according to police and the retired player.

Edwards, who starred for the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets after a record-setting college career at Michigan, told WDIV TV that he overheard an argument on Friday about music being played too loud.

“The noise escalates, and you can start to hear some pushing and shoving ― I mean, you know what fighting sounds like. Start to hear some tussling, start to hear some fists,” Edwards said. “But then once I heard a thud... that’s what got me up. That’s what got me to turn around.”

Edwards said he saw a young man about to slam the older man’s head on the counter, so he jumped into action. “I grabbed him, subdued him,” he said.

According to Farmington Hills police, who described the suspect as a 20-year-old man, the victim was already unconscious and bleeding when Edwards intervened.

Edwards “pulled the suspect off the injured man, at which time the suspect attacked [Edwards], who was able to fight the suspect off,” a police release said.

The suspect fled the scene on foot but was captured without incident, according to police.

“I’d like to thank the good Samaritan for taking action to stop the suspect in the midst of a vicious assault,” Farmington Hills police Chief Jeff King said in the release, which did not identify Edwards by name.

Speaking to WDIV, Edwards was matter-of-fact in describing his actions. “At the end of the day, I was just... that’s what you do,” he said.

The elderly man is in serious but stable condition, police said.