Former Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell dead at age 56 following hospice care for liver failure

  • Smash Mouth co-founder Steve Harwell has died of liver failure after entering hospice care.

  • Harwell had retired from performing in 2021, citing health issues.

  • The band rose to fame in the '90s and their hit "All Star" still has viral success as a meme.

Steve Harwell, co-founder and former lead singer of the band Smash Mouth, has died at age 56, following complications from end-stage liver failure.

Harwell had recently entered hospice care and was expected to have just days to live, the band's manager Robert Hayes previously told Insider's Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert.

Hayes later confirmed Harwell's death with Rolling Stone, and said the rock icon died at his home in Boise, Idaho with family and friends.

The former frontman had retired in 2021, citing health concerns including cardiomyopathy and Wernickes encephalopathy, a neurological condition which can cause issues with motor control and memory, according to a press release shared at the time. Previously, he had experienced several high-profile outbursts onstage, including erratic behavior such as slurring his words and yelling at fans.

Harwell had written and performed songs with Smash Mouth for decades, including hits such as 2001's "All Star," featured in the movie "Shrek," which has maintained viral popularity as an ongoing meme.

The band rose to prominence in the late '90s after their debut album's track "Walkin' on the Sun" ranked number one on the Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks and number two on the Hot 100.

Smash Mouth continued to tour following Harwell's retirement with vocalist Zach Goode.

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