Fort Worth police search for man wanted in shooting death of his cousin

The Fort Worth Police Department is looking for a 23-year-old man wanted in the fatal shooting of his cousin.

Jailon Freeman, 25, was found dead by police in the 5100 block of Ivy Wood Lane on April 4.

He died from a gunshot wound to the head on a sidewalk outside of an apartment building, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Detectives learned that Freeman was involved in an argument with someone when that person shot him and fled the scene, according to Fort Worth police.

Jacoby Roberts is the suspect wanted on a capital murder charge, according to authorities and the victim’s family. He may have ties to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, Tulsa police said in a Tweet.

According to Jailon’s mother, Nykia Freeman, Roberts is her son’s cousin and his mother lives in Houston, where she believes he could be hiding.

“He could be anywhere,” Nykia said about the suspect. “If nobody in the public knows that he’s done this, then he could be just walking freely.”

Nykia said she does not know why Roberts shot her son and is not aware of any conflict between the two.

“I don’t even try to figure it out because in my mind there is no reason why, he can never justify why he did it,” Nykia said.