Fox News Guest Recalls Donald Trump's 'Sunny' Disposition As President. Huh?

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine recalled Donald Trump as a “sunny person” when he was president, sparking disbelief on Twitter. (Watch the video below.)

Devine was actually in the midst of criticizing Trump for his attacks on potential 2024 presidential election rival Ron DeSantis. The Fox News contributor noted that Trump was regurgitating his complaints about the Florida governor’s lack of loyalty after Trump claimed to have helped him get elected in 2018.

“I hope that at some point Donald Trump does flip to the future instead of dwelling on the past, because he looks like someone who is full of grievance and anger,” Devine said Monday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” “Not like someone like he was in 2016 and like we knew him as president. Really, a sunny person who focuses on serious issues and does them with panache.”

Devine’s “constructive criticism” of the former president, as host Laura Ingraham put it, sparked a sharp rebuttal from former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, also a guest on the show.

Many on social media, however, glommed onto Devine’s “sunny person” description.

“The sunny guy who spoke of “American carnage” in his inaugural speech?” one person wrote, referring to Trump’s ominous address in 2017.

HuffPost wrote in 2021 that Trump’s four years in office were “just as violent and dark as his inaugural speech,” adding: “It’s been a time of immense pain and suffering, particularly for minorities and people of color who have been demonized by the president.”

Others who commented on Devine’s characterization weren’t seeing the sunny side, either.

“Sunny? That vengeful bully?” another wrote.

One wisecracker brought up the time Trump gazed at a solar eclipse.

“The only time he was sunny was when he stared directly at the sun,” the person wrote.