Fox News Host Instantly Turns Colleagues' Biden B.S. Into Hard Truth About Trump

Fox NewsJessica Tarlov swiftly cleared things up for her co-hosts on “The Five” after they accused Democrats of subverting democracy.

“I love days when you guys think that you’re describing Joe Biden, but you’re actually describing Donald Trump,” the liberal commentator said.

She went on: “So the person who didn’t want the American people to be able to speak in 2020 was Donald Trump. And he had his team of crackpot lawyers fan out across the country to bring forward frivolous lawsuits, when there had been recount after recount, to make sure that the American public was disenfranchised.”

She was responding to her conservative colleagues, who had spent minutes bashing Democrats and the media for criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision to review Trump’s presidential immunity claims, thereby delaying the former president’s federal election interference trial by at least several months.

If the federal prosecutions against Trump are delayed beyond the November election, and Trump wins, he could order the Justice Department to drop the cases.

Tarlov’s co-hosts had also slammed an Illinois judge for ruling that Trump is ineligible to appear on the state’s primary ballots under the U.S. Constitution’s so-called insurrection clause.

“I mean, these people, I’m so sick of their saying he’s a threat to democracy, when everything they do is a threat to democracy,” Jeanine Pirro had said.

Greg Gutfeld said the political left is trying to “compromise an election.”

Jesse Watters claimed Democrats and the media were upset about the Supreme Court news because they’re “realizing that the judges of the Supreme Court aren’t on their schedule. And so they’re realizing that Joe Biden might have to win this himself.”

“That’s what you saw last night, them realizing that this is going to be a free and fair election, to a certain extent,” he said.

Trump is being prosecuted federally and in Georgia for his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. He’s also been criminally indicted in two other cases.

With his media and political allies dutifully in tow, he has cast the prosecutions as politically motivated and accused Democrats and President Joe Biden of weaponizing the justice system against him.

See the full discussion below. Tarlov is given her opportunity to weigh in at 6:25.