Fox News’ Jesse Watters claims he was bitten by a Democrat’s dog

Fox News host Jesse Watters has claimed he was attacked by a Democrat’s dog during the Thanksgiving holiday – as hw congratulated himself over how he handled the situation.

In a monologue on “Jesse Watters Primetime” show on Monday, the host regaled how he was walking along a trail over the weekend when he came across a woman with a dog.

The woman apparently “bellowed” out a greeting to the host to make sure he was friendly.

But Mr Watters said that, with the huge dog she had beside her, “if anything, I should be a little apprehensive”.

“We’re on a tight part of the trail and I notice the dog’s all wet, and she’s like, ‘Oh, this my dog, you know, kind of wet, he just swam in the pond,’” he said.

“I’m thinking this is kind of crazy. You’re letting your dog swim in a pond; 37 degrees in a nature preserve? That’s my first clue.

“Second clue: the woman’s kind of struggling to hold the dog on the leash.”

Mr Watters’ apparent detective skills led him to believe that the dog could be aggressive.

“The dog comes by, and I’m trying to back up; just give her a little room,” he went on in a bewildered tone.

“Dog bites me. Twice. Nips my groin and takes a chunk out of my hand.”

Mr Watters urged the camera to zoom in on some red marks on his left thumb.

Mr Watters’ dog bite injury on his left thumb (Fox News)
Mr Watters’ dog bite injury on his left thumb (Fox News)

Yet – despite his injuries – the main takeaway from Mr Watters’ run-in with what the owner apparently called her “excitable” dog was how he was able to brush off the incident so quickly.

“Thank God she bit me. She didn’t bite someone litigious like Judge Jeanine [Pirro],” Mr Watters quipped, referring to his co-host on The Five.

“She would have been tied up in court for a year.”

Instead of mulling legal action, Mr Watters said that his reaction had simply been to say “Ouch” – something he said was a big deal for him as someone who “never like[s] to show pain, I never say ouch”.

After the woman asked him if he was okay, he proudly declared that he asked her the same thing.

“That’s how well-mannered I am. Seriously, my mother has raised me so well, I am worried how she’s feeling,” he said of the dog’s owner.

Despite his apparent concern for the owner, Mr Watters did take the time to judge the woman’s political stance – declaring that she must be a Democrat voter.

“I could tell she was a Democrat because when I pulled into the preserve in my car, there was a Subaru Outback. Dead giveaway,” he said.

“Plus, she didn’t recognise me,” he added.

The Fox News host says he was bitten by a dog over Thanksgiving (Fox News)
The Fox News host says he was bitten by a dog over Thanksgiving (Fox News)

Despite the dog puncturing his skin, Mr Watters reassured any concerned viewers that he was doing fine after the incident.

“It might not look bad, but I’m a fast healer. Even though the shin splints are still kinda dogging me, I’ll be okay,” he said.

Mr Watters said that his wife had urged him to see a doctor and his producer told him he should have gotten a rabies shot, but he just washed his wound with soap.

“So that was my Thanksgiving. How was yours?” he concluded.

Around 800,000 people receive medical attention each year in the US over bites from domesticated animals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But, the agency says bites do not require a rabies shot unless the animal shows signs of the viral disease.