Frannie becomes the predator in Survivor deleted scene

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Frannie becomes the predator in Survivor deleted scene

SHOWMANCE! That's been the headline pegged to Frannie Marin and Matt Blankinship thus far on Survivor 44. But that's what happens when you start engaging in extended remix hugs and openly blushing during producer interviews.

However, there is more to Frannie than just her schoolgirl crush and intermittent snorting. A lot more. How do we know? Because we have an exclusive deleted scene from this week's episode that shows us!

In a scene that didn't make the final cut of this week's episode, Frannie ventures out towards the water "expecting to be Danny's happy little assistant" on a literal fishing expedition. Yet, at some point, it was apparently time for the apprentice to become the master. "In this game I want to take every opportunity that I can," Frannie says as she dons the mask herself and prepares to submerge. "And when else am I going to be able to shoot a spear at fish in Fiji?" The answer: No time else.

Frannie Marin on 'Survivor 44'
Frannie Marin on 'Survivor 44'

CBS Frannie Marin on 'Survivor 44'

But, not unlike the Gremlins that tortured Phoebe Cates and Zach Galligan for no apparent reason, Frannie felt herself transform as soon as she hit the water: "Something changed in me in the water. As soon as I had that spear in my hand I was like, 'I'm the predator right now. And you all are the prey.'"

So what happens when Frannie's killer instinct kicks in? Can she be both a lover and a fighter on Survivor 44?

Watch the deleted scene at the top of the post to see how she fares. Also, prepare yourself for lots of amazing Frannie facial expressions as she recounts the entire seafaring story in exquisite detail. We don't know exactly what you call it, but it's the opposite of Josh's aforementioned "bitch face" as Frannie continues her ongoing underdog campaign against Carolyn, Jaime, and Yam Yam for the title of most expressive confessional interview subject of Survivor 44. We wish her the best of luck in that endeavor.

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