Funeral of top Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza

STORY: Eyad Al-Hasani, and his aide were killed in a strike on a Gaza apartment. Hasani was the sixth member of Islamic Jihad's top military council to be taken out by Israel this week.

Israeli forces launched an air strike campaign against the Islamic Jihad leadership in the early hours of Tuesday (May 9), accusing them of planning attacks on Israel. Islamic Jihad, the second largest armed group in Gaza after the ruling Islamist Hamas, has since fired almost 1,000 rockets, some deep into Israel.

At least 33 Palestinians in densely populated Gaza, including women and children, have been killed in the past three days, while one person in Israel was killed when an apartment was struck by a rocket in a Tel Aviv suburb.

Egypt has been trying to mediate a truce to the flare-up, which has so far left at least 33 Palestinians and one Israeli dead.