Futuristic action RPG Stellar Blade arrives on April 26

You’ll try to save Earth from mysterious invaders.

Shift Up

Stellar Blade, Shift Up’s action RPG initially scheduled to launch in 2023, is coming soon. Sony announced at its first State of Play of 2024 that the futuristic game will launch on April 26 as a PS5 exclusive.

The game, developed under the working title “Project Eve,” puts you in the role of Eve, a warrior from the seventh airborne squad. She returns to Earth to battle the Naytibas, humanity’s mysterious (and horrific-looking) enemies. Eve joins with fellow survivors Adam and Lily to try to exterminate the Naytibas and save the last human city, Xion, from ruin.

Xion is connected to a “semi-open world” setting called the Wasteland and the Great Desert. There, you’ll meet new characters, help the citizens of Xion and gather energy cells to sustain the city.

You can pre-order Stellar Blade beginning on February 7 at 10AM ET through the PlayStation Store and retail partners. The standard version costs $70, and a Digital Deluxe variant ($80) adds extra costumes, experience points and in-game currency. It arrives on April 26. You can watch the game’s pre-order trailer below.