Garth Brooks had sweet reaction to his song being sung by Chiefs’ Travis Kelce

Perhaps the best part of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s, uh, version of the Garth Brooks classic, “Friends in Low Places” came at the very beginning.

Kelce told the crowd, “If you know this song, sing along.” He then pulled out his phone to look at the lyrics himself.

This particular version of the song didn’t last long as an inebriated Kelce struggled to finish.

One person loved Kelce’s singing: Garth Brooks. On his “Inside Studio G” show Tuesday, Brooks talked about Kelce’s rendition.

“Did you guys see Travis Kelce’s version of ‘Friends in Low Places?’ Did you see him sing this?” Brooks asked people behind the camera.

“Well,” a woman said, “it was a version, I guess,”

Everyone then laughed.

“Well, first of all, I loved it,” Brooks said. “I thought it was fantastic. It blew me away because I’m sitting there watching it as it’s going down, right? I never expected that.”

Brooks then invited Kelce to the opening of the “Friends in Low Places” bar in Nashville on March 7.

“But big man, I’m just telling you this. I will be at grand opening if you’re there. I’ll send a plane if you want to come and get another shot at the title,” Brooks said. “If you want to come sing that, I’ll send a plane.

“You come by yourself or bring your brother or your gang, whatever you want to do. Plane holds 11, just remember that. So, yes, I’ll be happy to send this invite out to you if you want to try a little ‘Friends in Low Places’ in Friends in Low Places. But we’re going to do it early (in the night).”

Brooks, who was at Kauffman Stadium last summer to announce a new radio program, added that Kelce’s “Friends in Low Places” was not quite as good as his singing after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII.

Kelce did a classic Elvis Presley song that night.

“I thought he was fantastic,” Brooks said. “It came in second though to when he won the Super Bowl the ‘Viva Las Vegas’ was fantastic. It was great.

“I love him. I love his brother love his mama. It’s just all good.”