George Conway Predicts Exactly When, Where And Why Support For Trump Will Start To Drop

Conservative attorney George Conway on Wednesday explained why he believes Donald Trump’s hush money trial actually helped the former president “in a very funny way,” albeit only temporarily.

He also suggested why all is not what it seems in Trump’s apparent close race with President Joe Biden, and predicted when support for Trump ― who is polling ahead of Biden in multiple polls ― would start to drop off.

The trial “drew attention away from” Trump, Conway said on the MeidasTouch Network’s “Miss Trial” podcast. “It drew attention away from the crazy things he says, day in and day out when he’s out on the campaign trail.”

Voters have seen less of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump since he left office and was temporarily de-platformed on multiple social media platforms following the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by his supporters, said Conway.

It’s why “the race seems closer than I think it ultimately will be,” he continued, because “people have forgotten about Trump,” his personality and “the reasons they didn’t like him.”

“It’s like the more you see of him, the more you say, ‘What is wrong with him?’” Conway argued. “And he’s much, much sicker than he was in 2020 and certainly than in 2016.”

Trump is “really off the rails and people need to see that,” Conway said. “And one of the disadvantages of the most recent trial is it delayed the moment where they really, really see him for real and I think that’s going to change with the debate and the conventions.”

The first Biden-Trump debate will take place on June 27.

Trump will be sentenced in his hush money case on July 11, just four days before the start of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Watch the full episode here. Conway’s comments start around the 49-minute mark: