Georgia Simmerling is the multi-sport athlete PyeongChang is missing

Representing your country at the Olympics is quite the accomplishment, at any discipline. Being able to say you are among the country’s best in an athletic application is a high honour few can boast.

But how about when an athlete represents their country at the Olympics three times, and in three different sports? That is both truly astounding and groundbreaking, Since only one person has ever earned this distinction, Georgia Simmerling is in a club all by herself.

Though she says alpine skiing is in her blood, Simmerling’s success in the sport didn’t prevent her from branching out. She soon found herself invested in ski cross.

“It had more of my personality about it,” she said. “There is more commotion going on, a lot more variables. You got to be on your toes in that sport.”

When the skiing star exhausted her options at the Winter Olympics, she decided to take up a summer Olympic sport, too.

“The switch to cycling was a transition for sure,” the all-around athlete noted of her newfound sport. “I never went in with a fear of failure. Where I would end up if I didn’t succeed was right where I was: a successful ski cross racer representing my country. So why not give it a go?”

While the three-sport athlete’s story is quite impressive, it did take a turn for the worse this year. In her final skicross race before the PyeongChang Games, Simmerling broke both her legs, preventing her from competing.

The good news is that the Summer Olympics are only two years away. Hopefully, we see Georgia Simmerling on the cycle track in Tokyo.

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