Georgia Tech students combine tricycle, chainsaw to create 'chainsaw trike'

Screenshot from YouTube.

Getting to class on three wheels has never been more stylish thanks to a creative crew of university students and their innovative new mode of transportation; “the chainsaw trike.”

A group of students from Georgia Tech University in Atlanta put their academic skills to the test recently to mash together a chainsaw motor and a children’s tricycle to produce a motorized version of the tiny three-wheeler.

But as the YouTube video (published on Apr. 12) of this peculiar project shows, it takes a bit of engineering and patience to get the souped up tricycle ready to hit the road.

WARNING: The video below may contain offensive language. 

The end result, after a number of adjustments to the frame and many hours with the welding torch, is a three-wheeled contraption that can actually pick up a pretty impressive rate of speed.

There doesn’t seem to be any actual brakes on the modified tricycle, but the driver manages to stay safe and avoid any crashes during his maiden voyage.

And not only did the students manage not to get pulled over by campus police, but they also earned themselves a special shout out from Georgia Tech on Twitter, as well.

While the end result may not be exactly street legal, the chainsaw trike should be able to help you get to your next class while turning some heads.