German Student Leonie Müller Fed Up With Paying Rent So Lives On A Train

It might sound like every commuter’s nightmare, but for one German student it is a way of life.

Leonie Müller, 23, has decided to live on a train because she has had enough with landlords and high rent.

After a row with her landlord, the student at Tübingen University near Stuttgart decided to pack her bags, invest in a monthly railway season ticket and relocate to a train around Germany.

She moved her things on to a train in spring after a dispute with her landlord about her apartment, she told The Washington Post.

“I instantly decided I didn’t want to live there any more,” she said. “And then I realised: actually, I didn’t want to live anywhere any more.”

Müller carries her clothes, computer and toiletries on the train in a backpack and washes her hair in a bathroom on one of the carriages.

(Picture: Leonie Müller)

Her monthly season ticket allows her to board any train in Germany and costs £240, slightly less than the £290 she paid in rent at her last flat.

She said: “I really feel at home on trains, and can visit so many more friends and cities. It’s like being on vacation all the time.

“I want to inspire people to question their habits and the things they consider to be normal.

“There are always more opportunities than one thinks there are. The next adventure is waiting just around the corner — provided that you want to find it.”

Müller, who has been keeping a diary of her experiences in a blog as part of her dissertation, often hops off the train to stay with family members or her boyfriend.

She is in a long-distance relationship with a man from Cologne and says the train is the perfect platform to see him whenever she wants.

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