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'Ghosts' star on 'hard' Season 3 cast change and the 'best' Montreal crew

Román Zaragoza, who plays ghost Sasappis "Sas" on "Ghosts," teases what to expect in future episodes of the show

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 30: (L-R) Joe Wiseman, Brandon Scott Jones, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment, Danielle Pinnock, Asher Grodman, Devan Long, Richie Moriarty, Rebecca Wisocky, Rose McIver, Román Zaragoza, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Sheila Carrasco, Joe Port and David Stapf, President, CBS Studios, attend the

Fan-favourite comedy series Ghosts, with an impressive ensemble cast including iZombie star Rose McIver, and Utkarsh Ambudkar, is back for Season 3, but with a significant shift, the loss of Sheila Carrasco's character Flower.

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Cast: Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Román Zaragoza, Danielle Pinnock, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long
Number of episodes in Ghosts Season 3: 10

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As we found out at the beginning of the season, Flower has been "sucked off," moving on to heaven and no longer stuck in the house with the rest of the ghosts.

"It was hard," Román Zaragoza, who plays ghost Sasappis "Sas" told Yahoo Canada about starting the season without Carrasco. "I think it was heavy to come back with that and to find out that was how we were going to go."

"We're such a family. So it was a big reveal and a big storyline, and I think we're all still trying to figure out what's to come."

'Ghosts' star on 'hard' Season 3 cast change and the 'best' Montreal crew
'Ghosts' star Román Zaragoza on 'hard' Season 3 cast change and the 'best' Montreal crew (Photo by Leon Bennett/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

Speaking generally about the show's progression over the course of its three seasons, to date, being in an ensemble cast where the story is crafted to serve all its characters is a highlight for the actor.

"From Season 1 to where we are now, it's really been beautiful to see the evolution of all the characters," Zaragoza said. "I've felt such an evolution for Sas."

"Joe Port, Joe Wiseman, along with all the writers, I feel like have really given me so much to work with and I'm so grateful for them. The episodes in Season 2 with the tree and with my girlfriend that I have for a split second, ... that was just amazing, ... so we're able to see different sides of Sas."

Zaragoza also highlighted that as an actor who came from a theatre background, there have been challenges with taking on a project where not everything is known about the character from the beginning.

"This was so new for me, really creating a character, not knowing where we were going with the character," he explained. "It was fun because it was kind of like, OK I have this puzzle and I don't have all the pieces yet, and I'm now trying to figure out what I'm building."

"It's been such a fun journey to kind of learn as we go and talk to the writers about where they're thinking of the character's going, and then just as we unravel more and more, I'm learning as we're going."

As Zaragoza stressed, Season 3 of Ghosts continues to explore different sides of the ghosts and the evolution of their relationships with each other.

'Exciting and crazy' season of 'Ghosts' ahead

In the most recent episode of Season 3, Episode 2, we find out that Sas has a ghost power that allows him to influence humans by going into their dreams. In this case, not only is Sas able to communicate with Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who can't see or hear the ghosts when he's awake, but Sas can influence him to do things, like put a pizza oven in the new restaurant he's building, and hang up the new TV in Samantha's (McIver) preferred spot in the house.

"That was such an exciting script to read," Zaragoza said. "I talked to Joe Port, Joe Wiseman about this about a year prior and I got so excited, but ... had no idea when it was going to potentially surface."

"For it to come in Episode 2 of Season 3, I got just so excited, and to shoot it was so much fun."

Teasing what we can expect for the rest of the season, Zaragoza shared that there are "exciting and crazy" things to come, even with the number of episodes reduced to 10 episodes, versus 22 episodes in Season 2.

"We have some fun stuff coming for Halloween, where we learn about how another one of the ghosts dies," Zaragoza teased. "Even though it's a shorter season, we're packing in a lot of really fun and crazy storylines."

MONTREAL - OCTOBER 21: Ghost Hunter  Sam and Jays assistant, Freddie (Mike Lane), purchases ghost-hunting equipment when suspicious activity leads him to theorize the B&B is haunted. Also, Sasappis risks losing his relationship with Jessica (Nichole Sakura) when Freddie sells his car, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Feb. 2 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.  Pictured (L-R): Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay and Rose McIver as Samantha.  (Photo by Bertrand Calmeau/CBS via Getty Images)

Román Zaragoza praises Montreal 'Ghosts' crew

Canadians should be particularly proud of the success of Ghosts with the series filmed in Montreal —another successful Canadian production for the books.

"We work in Montreal and we all ... just kind of hunker down, and it's like summer camp whenever we shoot," Zaragoza. "I've been learning my French a little bit here and there, ... it's not great, but it's OK. ... The food scene is amazing, we always go out to restaurants on the weekends, trying new places."

"I've got to give it up to our crew, the Montreal crew that we have, they're just the freaking best. They are our family as well. ... They're just such sweet people and they really care about the show, and you can just feel it."