Gigantic woodpecker easily splinters cedar deck as family watch from window

Pileated woodpeckers are enormous birds with powerful beaks that splinter logs and trees with ease. They are the largest woodpeckers in North America and they are a beautiful sight at a backyard feeder or in the trees around any home. With their beautiful red crest, they are a sight to behold. This woodpecker and his mate have been coming to this yard for several years. The nest in a nearby tree but they arrive daily to peck at the suet that the family puts out. Usually, the male announces his arrival with a loud, cackling cry as he swoops in to land on one of the feeders. Today, this woodpecker has had a drink at the pond and then he hopped up onto the cedar deck. He casually inspects the deck as the family, and even Raven, the Great Dane watch in awe of this majestic fellow. But he decides to peck the railing of the deck and in seconds, he has a chunk carved out. The wood splinters easily as he chisels away and the couple who own the deck are too amazed to do anything but chuckle. The deck is weathered and faded and these bird lovers are more attached to the woodpecker family than they are to their railing. They joke about calling the insurance and they watch amusedly. Raven's head is on the back of the couch and she watches silently too. Raven also appreciates nature and her little bird friends. The woodpecker loses interest quickly and hops over to the other railing where he perches and looks around. He may be waiting for his mate to arrive so that they can go to the suet cakes together. Or he may just be enjoying the gentle rain. It's even possible that he can see the family in the window and he is watching them with equal curiosity. Backyard feeders are a great way to attract wildlife that can be enjoyed daily. Woodpeckers love suet cakes and feed with insects in it. They will also take advantage of any opportunity to peck at dead or dying trees where grubs make their homes.