How to make ginger soy sauce chicken liver

You can easily make a delicious snack simmered in sweet and spicy ginger broth, so healthy they’re basically natural supplements. Chicken liver is a food that is packed with rich nutrients, such as vitamin A (necessary for eye health), iron (effective in preventing anemia), and zinc (important for maintaining immune function). It also has a strong antioxidant effect, so it is good for anti-aging as well. It is softer and has less calories than beef and pork and is appealing to even people who don’t usually enjoy liver. However, even if it is super delicious, vitamin A has an upper limit per day and can cause illness in high concentrations, so we recommend that you enjoy it once a week as an occasional snack. ============================================================= ❥ Please subscribe us on YouTube : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= ● Ingredients (for 2 people) ・ Chicken liver & heart ... About 300g ・ Ginger… 1 knob ・ Soy sauce ... 50ml ・ Sake ... 100ml ・ Water ... 50ml ・ Sugar ... 2 tablespoons ・ Honey ... 1 tablespoons ・ Shredded red pepper ● Recipe ① Remove the fat from the heart and slice partway through the middle. Cut the liver into bite-sized pieces. If there is a blood clot, remove it ② Drop the liver and hearts in a bowl filled with plenty of water, and gently rub without damaging the liver. Change the water 2-3 times and rub well. ③ Soak in a bowl under running water for about 30 minutes to drain remianing blood. ④ After 30 minutes drain the water and place the meat over a paper towel to remove excess water. However, do not leave it on the paper too long as it will harden the meat. ⑤ Julienne the ginger and set aside about 2 pinches for garnish. ⑥ Pour soy sauce, water, sake, sugar, honey and shredded ginger into a pot and boil. ⑦ When the sauce has come to a boil, add liver and hearts and simmer for 3-4 minutes. If scum rises, remove it with a clean spoon or hand sieve. ⑧ After simmering, remove the liver and hearts and begin evaporating water from the broth. ⑨ When the water in the pot is low, put the liver and hearts back in and simmer over med-high heat to remove the remaining water. ⑩ When the broth has thicken into a glaze, remove from heat and serve. Use shredded ginger and shredded red pepper to garnish. ● Cooking tips ・ Chicken liver that has been well blooded is plump and delicious. ・ When removing water from the hearts and liver over kitchen paper, do not leave it for too long. It will harden the meat.

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