New Girl star cast in Ghosts US season three

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Ghosts US season 3 spoilers follow.

New Girl star Lamorne Morris has joined the cast of Ghosts US season three.

The US version of the recently-concluded BBC series returned for its third season earlier this month, with showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman now revealing that Morris will guest star in episode seven.

The actor, known for playing Winston Bishop in hit sitcom New Girl from 2011–2018, will play a spirit named Saul who is tethered to a living human for eternity (via TVLine).

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When his human visits Woodstone Mansion, Saul strikes up an unexpected connection with Prohibition-era singer Alberta (Danielle Pinnock).

Morris most recently starred in Fargo season five as Deputy Witt Farr.

The news comes after the show's season-three premiere revealed that Flower (Sheila Carrasco) was the ghost who disappeared from the mansion after being 'sucked off' to the next realm.

Explaining why it made sense for Flower to go missing, Port and Wiseman told Deadline: "We landed on Flower, who we thought would be an interesting ghost to disappear because it would create a lot of storylines. A lot of people would have different reactions.

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"Thor, obviously, is in love with Flower and would be super devastated. Other ghosts would be jealous of her because she hasn’t been there as long. So it just seemed like we’d create a lot of stories."

However, there is always a chance Flower could return to the mansion, with Port adding: "We've had ways in previous episodes to bring in ghosts who have been sucked off [come] back for stories and whatnot. And we tell stories with flashbacks, etc.

"So, yeah, in theory, there would be ways of still seeing a ghost who has moved on."

Ghosts continues on Thursdays on CBS in the US, and past episodes are available to stream on the BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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