Girl Suffers Selfie Shame After Accidentally Sending Sex Toy Pic To Parents


A good selfie isn’t all about angling the camera to hide your excess chins - a carefully considered backdrop is also key to any picture’s success.

One poor person found this out the hard way when she sent a selfie to her family, forgetting to put her sex toys away first.

Oh dear.


Oops: The dildos are clearly visible on top of the cistern (Imgur/ogfudgemocha)


The calm before the storm: It took a while for the girl to realise her mistake (Imgur/ohfudgemocha)

Minutes late, the girl sent a frantic text to her sister, saying: “OK mayday mayday. That pic I just sent has not one but 2 dildos in it.”

She then urged her sis to “spam the fam text for a min so mom won’t see”.

Her sibling’s response? “I’m putting that on Imgur”.

And that’s exactly what she did.


Thanks, sis: This is one sibling who can be counted on in a crisis (Imgur/ohfudgemocha)

Once the world had had a good chortle at her sister’s misfortune, she removed the offending image, saying: “Well, it went viral all over the internet so I had to delete it LOL.”

Here’s hoping mom and dad aren’t among the 160,000-plus people who’ve already had a look…