Gogglebox airs return for missing family

the malones gogglebox
Gogglebox airs return for missing familyChannel 4

Gogglebox has aired a return for the Malone family.

The Malones have appeared as some of the nation's favourite armchair critics since series four – but following Gogglebox's return for its 23rd season in mid-February, Tom, Julie and Shaun were nowhere to be seen.

That is, until last night's episode (March 1), which saw the trio return to dissect the telly's latest offerings (and have an argument about keeping the lights in the house on).

the malones gogglebox
Channel 4

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The family had been on a holiday in Florida, with Tom Malone Jnr., who departed from Gogglebox to pursue other ventures, posting several snaps of the trip on Instagram.

"Malone Family holiday 2024," he wrote as the post's caption. "A family holiday was LONG overdue…especially with the additions of my nieces and nephews (even if I did bring some Mancunian rain with me)."

Tom Jnr. can be seen posing with mum Julie in one of the pictures, with the pair stood in front of the iconic castle in Disneyland Florida.

Julie shared a separate picture of herself and husband Tom Snr. with classic Disney character Goofy.

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The most recent episode of Gogglebox saw the cast hilariously confused by Netflix's One Day, which follows the relationship of one couple on the same date every year.

During the first episode of the show, one character tells the other that she's going to "put a tape on" – by which she means a cassette tape, it being 1988 and all.

"Putting a tape on? What tape?" asked a bewildered Georgia Bell, to which her friend Abbie Lynn replied: "Tape where?"

Gogglebox airs and streams on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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