Google Doodle kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday's Google Doodle celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week. Image courtesy of Google Doodle

May 6 (UPI) -- Monday's Google Doodle celebrates the start of Teacher Appreciation Week.

The colorful artwork features a frog as an educator teaching several eager wee ones, who are variously holding books, blocks, crayons and drawings.

The week to honor instructors comes as the 2023-24 U.S. school year is wrapping up.

"Teachers are the heart and soul of our Nation," U.S. President Biden, whose wife, Jill, is a teacher, said in a proclamation on Friday.

"They care for our Nation's students, pass on knowledge to rising generations, and inspire our children to dream up new possibilities for their futures."

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt first persuaded Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day in 1953.