GOP Candidate Endorsed By ‘Back From The Dead’ MLK In Unhinged AI Video

Michigan Republican primary congressional candidate Anthony Hudson wildly backtracked after initially apologizing for a video shared on his TikTok account in which he was endorsed by an AI-enhanced voice that sounded like civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have another dream. Yes, it is me, Martin Luther King. I came back from the dead to say something,” the voice said in the clip. “As I was saying, I have another dream that Anthony Hudson will be Michigan 8th District’s next congressman. Yes, I have a dream again. OK, now I am going back to where I came from. Goodbye.” The voice of Donald Trump loyalist Hudson then said he “approves this message.”

Heartland Signal shared the video on X, formerly Twitter, where it drew criticism.

The clip was removed from TikTok soon after, said the outlet.

On X, Hudson first struck an apologetic tone as he blamed a volunteer for giving his “social media credentials to one of his friends who then posted an AI video without my knowledge.”

“It appears that they not only used AI for MLKjr’s voice but also with my voice to make it appear more authentic,” he explained. “The volunteer has been released and all my social media credentials have been updated. I would have NEVER approved such a STUPID and DISRESPECTFUL video!”

Hudson offered his sincere apologies and claimed he was “extremely furious about this situation.” He warned, “This could happen to any of us so please be cautious and aware of who has your person information.”

Just a few hours later, though, Hudson performed a stunning 180 and claimed he’d now decided “not only to keep my campaign staffer, but also give him a raise as I believe MLK would be disgusted at the complete suffering of Flint Michigan residents under the current administration’s watch.”

He added, “If MLK were alive today- I do believe he would endorse me and my vision for a better Michigan.”

In another post, Hudson said he stood by his comments.

“If he were alive today, MLK would be appalled by not only the treatment of Black Americans, but ALL Americans in Flint, Michigan,” he wrote. “Use this as a reminder: It’s 2024 and Flint is a crumbling city, our district has a neglected education system, and we STILL do not have clean water. My district DESERVES better.”