GOP Turns to MAGA Flop Blake Masters for Election Strategy Advice

Blake-Masters.jpg - Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images
Blake-Masters.jpg - Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

GOP flop Blake Masters has been tapped by the Republican National Committee to serve on an advisory council conducting a midterms postmortem and helping shape the party’s 2024 strategy, according to a report from Politico.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel has allegedly brought in a slew of advisers, including both successful and unsuccessful 2022 candidates to serve on the new “Republican Party Advisory Council.” Members alongside Masters include Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway,  Representatives-elect Monica De La Cruz (R-Texas)  and John James (R-Mich.), and senator-elect Katie Britt (R-Ala.).

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Masters, who lost his bid to unseat incumbent Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, was one of several high-profile MAGA candidates whose culture war-heavy campaign strategy failed to resonate with voters. The former venture capitalist ran with the financial backing of his former boss, billionaire Peter Thiel, and the endorsement of former President Trump. Despite the loss, i a statement to Politico Masters indicated he remains interested in a future in politics. “I look forward to working with Ronna to make sure the party effectively supports our candidates and wins big in 2024,” Masters said. “Our party needs to modernize. We’re fighting against Big Tech, the media, and now, the Democrats’ GOTV early voting machine.”

The 2022 midterms were a resounding disappointment to Republicans, who had banked on a “red wave” election that failed to materialize. Republicans managed to squeeze out the narrowest of majorities in the House, and failed to capture a coveted majority in the Senate. The disappointing show has left party leadership, including McDaniel, in a precarious position as members of the party look to assign blame for their failed strategy. Masters, widely seen as a weak candidate elevated by Trump, exemplified the party’s failure, losing handily to Kelly in the swing state.

McDaniel is facing several potential challengers for her position as head of the party. New York Congressman Lee Zeldin, who made an impressive show for Republicans in the state despite losing his bid for governor, is reportedly “very seriously considering” running to unseat McDaniel. Election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has already thrown his pillow into the race for RNC chair. “I am 100% running for the RNC Chairman against Ronna McDaniel,” Lindell said. “One of the big donors said to me, he said, Mike, everybody wants you to be head of the RNC, some of them just don’t know it yet.”

The party’s postmortem is expected to begin following the results of the runoff election in Georgia between Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and the scandal-ridden, Trump endorsed Herschel Walker. The runoff election is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 6. Warnock came close to avoiding a runoff election entirely, besting Walker by .9 percent of the vote, and falling just .6 percent shy of the 50-percent majority threshold needed for an outright victory.

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