Gord Downie appointed to Order of Canada

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    Unfortunately the Indians who were some of the first immigrants don't recognize anything that actually took place in history. There origins trace back to Asia and Russia. They crossed the ice bridge and settled in North America. |If one is any part Indian then they believe they own Canada and we owe them everything. Historically they killed one another, and sold one another - they trafficked in humans. NO different then the Africans - Black people who enslaved fellow black people and sold them to other black people and the white landowner in north america. om slavery that there own kind put them into.
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    No illegal refugees were harmed in this ceremony, no snowflakes were called weirdos at this ceremony as well.
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    How are Metis aboriginals as being half European they NEVER existed before Europeans came to the Americas?
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    Congrats To Gord Downie............. & God Bless !!! In my thoughts & prayers...
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    Micheal Sydney
    Why wasn't a muslim given the award? The government must be racist...