Grand Manan Adventure will return to dry dock

Coastal Transport, the operator of the Grand Manan Adventure, had to repair a broken turbocharger in the vessel — putting it out of commission for three days.

The Grand Manan Adventure is heading back to dry dock in September for additional repairs to one of its bow thrusters, the Department of Transportation announced on Tuesday.

The $68-million ferry sailed for the first time on Aug. 11 but it quickly found itself in need of repairs.

Its bow thrusters failed on Aug. 15, forcing the ferry to be tied up until it could be repaired. The Grand Manan Adventure returned to service on Aug. 18.

The ferry will be taken out of service once the high-traffic summer season wraps up later in September.

Murray Ryder, the president of Coastal Transport Ltd., said the ferry will go into dry dock on Sept. 11 and will be there for 10 days, plus travel time to the shipyard.

The Grand Manan Adventure’s repairs are covered under the ferry’s warranty.

The Department of Transportation is reporting the ferry’s trip to the dry dock will not lead to any interruption in service between Blacks Harbour and Grand Manan.