Great Dane Puppy Goes Crazy For Juicy Watermelon

Raven is a giant Great Dane puppy with a giant appetite. She would eat all day of she could. Although she likes almost anything edible, she has two absolute favourites. One is pizza and the other is watermelon. Raven has been going into the greenhouse and picking watermelons off the vine. She chooses only the biggest, ripest melons and she picks them up in her mouth to carry them out into the sunshine for a juicy snack. She's been caught in the act and her owners try their best to scold her for her thefts. But they adore her too much to keep a straight face through the reprimand. Raven is a good dog and she deserves a healthy treat, so her owners have decided to feed her a big chunk after she ate all her dinner. Raven seems to know what's going to happen and she can't contain her excitement. Raven knows they are going to the grass before she will get it and she leaps off the deck without touching the stairs. She snatches the watermelon from Kristy's hand but drops it promptly when told to. Kristy picks it up and holds it to make it easier for Raven to eat. You can hear the teeth scraping the rind and see the juice as it runs down Raven's chin. Raven's tail wagged excitedly throughout this happy moment. She's a wonderful and loyal dog. Anyone who has ever had a Great Dane has fallen completely in love with the breed. Their haearts are as big as they are and they are beautiful animals in every way.