Groom Has to Remind Bride to Kiss Him at the Altar After They Are Pronounced Husband and Wife (Exclusive)

"Then all I could think was, 'I FORGOT!' " Bella Grimm tells PEOPLE about her wedding on Feb. 25

<p>Fox & Film Photography</p> Clayton Grimm and Bella Grimm smiling on their wedding day.

Fox & Film Photography

Clayton Grimm and Bella Grimm smiling on their wedding day.

After exchanging rings with her fiancé at the altar, Bella Grimm had one thought going through her head: “I have to grab my bouquet!”

The actor and musician previously seen on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel admits to PEOPLE she was so hyper-fixated on securing the flowers that she overlooked a crucial detail of the ceremony after saying "I do" to her partner of eight years, Clayton Grimm, known for his titular role on Blippi.

"I completely forgot about the kiss and just became absolutely focused on a) not tripping and b) getting my bouquet," Bella, 28, tells PEOPLE. "I realized that I had forgotten in the middle of Clayton kissing me! He grabbed me right away, so it didn’t really hit me until that moment."

She adds, 'Then all I could think was, 'I FORGOT!' "

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<p>Fox & Film Photography</p> Clayton Grimm and Bella Grimm share a kiss.

Fox & Film Photography

Clayton Grimm and Bella Grimm share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Clayton, 27, explains how he was so caught up in the moment after they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Grimm, that he didn’t hear the phrase, “You may now kiss the bride," either. But when he saw Bella turning toward the aisle, he immediately looked back at the officiant and realized they'd missed the kiss, too.

"After the realization, my body automatically catapulted me forward, and I grabbed Bella! I was just eager and happy and excited. It made us laugh, and it was a very sweet and endearing moment," Clayton says, recalling the couple's nuptials on Feb. 25 at The Howey Mansion in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida.

He adds, "I think everyone was already crying and laughing, so there was definitely some laughter, but honestly, I only remember looking into Bella’s eyes and running away down the aisle feeling on cloud nine."

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Bella and Clayton's content creator, Ruthie Fonseca from Julious Daughters, caught the moment on camera and posted it to TikTok, where it has since gone viral with one million views. Fonseca tells PEOPLE it was such a genuine moment to capture.

"To see how he just grabs her, and how she reacts, it was perfect!" Fonseca says. "The way he kisses her over and over was a real-life fairytale moment, and the joy on their faces was the cherry on top! Everyone had a good laugh, and I think it made the moment that much more special."

She continues, "The reaction to the video on TikTok has been amazing. People were first reacting to how 'real' the moment was, and a lot of people reacted to the way he grabbed her and didn't let her go, many saying that's what they hope for someday. Many commented on how gorgeous Bella looked, and others have shared stories of how they also forgot to kiss, or how they forgot to exchange rings!"

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<p>Fox & Film Photography</p> Bella Grimm and Clayton Grimm kiss on their wedding day.

Fox & Film Photography

Bella Grimm and Clayton Grimm kiss on their wedding day.

Looking back, Bella shares how everything happened the way it was supposed to. She explains how she's a clumsy person, so it was only fitting that they started the marriage off with "a tiny hiccup and lots of laughter."

"Clayton and I have been together for eight years, and in that time, I have done a lot of thinking about what our wedding day would one day look like. After two years of planning, I completely understand what a lot of brides go through and the anxiety or stress that may be attached to it," she says.

"Now on the other side, I’d like to give those brides some advice. It’s all going to work out and not in the way that you thought. Things are going to go wrong, and often that is when the best memories will be made!" Bella says, adding, "Remember that it is another normal day, and yet the most spectacular day of your life. Breathe through it and remember that you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, and there is nothing better than that."

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