‘Are you grumpy today?’: Kieran Culkin crashes Brian Cox and Emily Blunt’s ‘Actors on Actors’ interview

Kieran Culkin couldn’t help himself from checking in on his Succession costar Brian Cox during the latter’s “Actors on Actors” interview.

While the two British stars were posing for a photoshoot, Culkin, 40, walked in and hugged Cox, 77.

“How are you? Are you grumpy today?” Culkin asks Cox in a clip shared by Variety.

“Am I grumpy today?” Cox asks Blunt, 40.

Someone off-camera calls out: “Not with Emily!”

The Quiet Place star responds: “No, but he’s up to no good.”

“When they asked you to move your heads closer together [for the photoshoot], was he like, ‘F*** that!’” Culkin jokes.

“No, he’s being really warm and fuzzy behind the camera and I’m looking like a w*****,” Blunt says.

Cox is known for his sometimes-acerbic personality, which mirrors his media mogul character Logan in Succession. Ahead of the series four premiere, the Scottish actor was heard yelling at a group of photographers.

The trio then engaged in some small talk and more hugging with Blunt gushing over Culkin’s portrayal of Roman Roy in Succession.

“I sort of hate you but I feel terrible for you, you sad, fragile, weird person,” she tells him.

Culkin was present for his own “Actors on Actors” interview with Fleishman Is in Trouble star Claire Danes, 44.

The two previously worked together on Burr Steers’ 2002 indie comedy Igby Goes Down, in which Culkin played the titular sardonic teenager and Danes was his part-time lover.

Succession reached its devastating climax on Monday (5 June). Read a full recap of the brilliant series finale here.