A Guide to All the Pop Covers in 'Bridgerton' Season 3

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Pop Covers in 'Bridgerton' Season 3netflix

The instrumental pop covers in Bridgerton have become a hallmark of the Netflix Regency romanceand this season doesn't disappoint, featuring covers of songs by Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and BTS.

"I was involved to a point," Jess Brownell, Bridgerton's writer and showrunner, tells T&C about the selection of the songs for season 3. At the beginning of the season, music supervisor Justin Kamps gave her a playlist with a bunch of new instrumental covers. "There were a few songs that I had in mind while writing that made it into the final episodes," she explains. "Then some of the others were songs that either the editor chose, Shondaland chose, or Shonda [herself] chose. There's a Demi Lovato song that I felt really strongly about from the beginning that made it in, and there's a song in the carriage scene that I chose."

Music supervisor Justin Kamps says that the main love story influences the choices as well. "We look at the two romantic leads for the season and see where that story is going and what themes are included in their romance," he told ScreenRant. "Then we take that to the songs that we're looking at for the covers and think, 'What lyric themes can we play with?'" But the 'vibes' he says, are also important. "What emotions are the strings themselves bringing out for each sequence? The characters and story we're dealing with each season is definitely reflected in the songs that we look at for sure."

Here's a guide to all 14 orchestral covers in Bridgerton season three, and when you can hear them in the show:

"abcedefu" by GAYLE

Cover by Vitula.

When Penelope makes her grand entrance at the first ball of the season, wearing a deep emerald green dress, a cover of GAYLE's viral hit "abcedefu" plays. The chorus, in particular—"I was into you, but I'm over it now / And I was tryin' to be nice / But nothing's getting through, so let me spell it out"—speaks to Penelope's initial feelings for Colin this season.

When you can hear it: Starts around minute 29 in episode one.

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"Dynamite" by BTS

Cover by Vitamin String Quartet.

At the ball in episode two, when Colin tries to help Penelope with speaking to suitors and Eloise makes jokes to a group of debutantes, a cover of BTS's hit "Dynamite" plays. Music supervisor Kamps explains that it is a "perfect, light, dancy song for our dancers to have been choreographed to."

When you can hear it: Around minute 29 in episode 2.

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"Jealous" by Nick Jonas

Cover by Shimmer

At the same ball as above, Penelope tells Colin that a suitor has asked to call on her tomorrow. "Do you like him?" he asks her, as a cover of Nick Jonas's "Jealous" begins playing in the background. Soon, however, the Ton starts whispering rumors that Penelope asked Colin for help, and she runs from the ballroom, upset.

When you can hear it: Around minute 36 in episode 2.

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"Cheap Thrills" by Sia

Cover by Vitamin String Quartet

As the scene is set for Lord and Lady Hawkins's Innovations Ball of 1815 (following the hot air ballon demonstration), this instrumental cover of "Cheap Thrills" by Sia plays, an on-theme choice for the new innovations guests have taken in—and the heightened emotions the main characters are feeling. The song continues as Bridgertons arrive in their carriage, and as Violet and Marcus share a moment together.

When you can hear it: Around minute 33 in episode 3.

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"Happier Than Ever" by Billie Eilish

Cover by Vitamin String Quartet

In the final moments of episode 3, Lord Debling asks Penelope to dance at a ball, as Colin watches in jealousy. They dance to a cover of Billie Eilish's "Happier Than Ever," which speaks to Penelope and Colin's complicated feelings for one another. "Don't say it isn't fair / You clearly weren't aware that you made me miserable," Eilish sings.

"It seems Lord Debling's instinct has led this man of nature to the most surprising pick of the season in Miss Penelope Featherington," Lady Whistledown narrates.

When you can hear it: Around minute 49 in episode 3.

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"Snow on the Beach" (ft. Lana del Rey) by Taylor Swift

Cover by Atwood Quartet

In the fourth episode, Colin interrupts a dance between Penelope and Debling, and as they argue on the dance floor, you can hear a cover of "Snow on the Beach" by Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey in the background. The lyrics work given the pair's angsty feelings, particularly the chorus, where Swift sings "flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful / you wanting me tonight feels impossible."

When you can hear it: Around minute 40 in episode 4.

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"Give Me Everything" by Pitbull

Cover by Archer Marsh

When Colin and Penelope finally confess their feelings for each other in a carriage at the end of episode four, they share a passionate kiss to the tune of "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull—a song that was the specific request of season three showrunner Jess Brownell.

"I'm not someone who knows Pitbull's oeuvre very well, but when I heard the string version of this song, it had this powerful build that I think really speaks to the build that's happening in that scene," she told Town & Country. "It was just perfect! Never would I have thought that Pitbull was right for a super romantic moment, but it just really works."

When you can hear it: Around minute 47 in episode 4.

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"POV" by Ariana Grande

Cover by Strings from Paris

In the highly-anticipated "mirror scene," where Colin and Penelope sleep together for the first time, an instrumental cover of Ariana Grande's "POV" serves as the soundtrack. The chorus sums up Penelope's perspective, as she watches Colin compliment her from a mirror: "I wanna love me / The way that you love me / for all of my pretty / And all of my ugly too / I'd love to see me from your point of view..."

When you can hear it: Around minute 17 in episode 5.

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"Thunder" by Imagine Dragons

Cover by Thomas Mercier

After Lady Danbury's brother Lord Marcus Anderson calls on Violet to pick up his hat, a cover of "Thunder" begins playing as he leaves, hinting at the romance between Marcus and Violet to come. The song continues as Violet goes to sit in the drawing room with her children.

When you can hear it: Around minute 8 in episode 6.

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"Confident" by Demi Lovato

Cover by Archer Marsh

When Cressida decides she will take credit for Lady Whistledown to claim the reward, Queen Charlotte challenges her to publish an issue. Lovato's "Confident" begins playing as she and her mother arrive at a ball, looking confident and intimidating the ton. "Well, this is one of the more amusing parties we've been to," Queen Charlotte comments after their arrival.

When you can hear it: Around minute 54 in episode 6

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"Yellow" by Coldplay

Cover by Vitamin String Quartet.

When Colin and Penelope tie the knot, finally, a beautiful cover of Coldplay's "Yellow" begins to play as Penelope walks down the aisle. "Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you," feels very apt for the bridal moment.

When you can hear it: Around minute 37 in episode 7.

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"You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift

Cover by Duomo.

The newlyweds share their first dance to a cover of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." It's the second Swift song in the season—the first was when Colin was struggling with expressing his feelings for Penelope, so it feels very fitting that this one would play as they are finally married.

When you can hear it: Around minute 47 in episode 7.

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"Lights (Stripped Down)" by Ellie Goulding

Cover by Archer Marsh

At a fabulous ball thrown by the Featherington sisters, there's a big dance scene to a cover of Elle Goulding's "Lights." It's the last big ball scene of the season, and the cover is Bridgerton soundtrack at its best.

When you can hear it: Around minute 47 in episode 8.

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"All I Want" by Tori Kelly

Cover by Kris Bowers

Tori Kelly's "All I Want" is the first original song in Bridgerton, and an orchestral cover of it plays over the season three credits—just after the epilogue. "I’m so excited that I get to be a part of this amazing show in my own way," Kelly said.

When you can hear it: Over the credits for episode 8.

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