‘Gutfeld’ Gang Howls at Mystery ‘Underwear Guy’ in Newsmax Segment: ‘He Just Walks Through and Nobody Reacts!’ | Video

The gang at “Gutfeld” had quite the mystery on their hands this time, as Greg Gutfeld and Kat Timpf searched for clues about the still-unidentified “underwear guy” who sashayed through a talking-head hit wearing only his drawers.

Fox News’ late-night crew was riffling through media reactions to Trump’s decisive Iowa caucus victory Wednesday when they landed on Dick Morris, the former Bill Clinton adviser who was a guest this week on Newsmax.

“Of all of the media takes, here’smy favorite – from dick morris,” Gutfel said before running the clip. “Remember that fellow? Watch closely.”

As Morris speaks, a man comes through the door behind him in what appears to be boxers and a tank-top. He strides confidently through the shot, and nothing is said of the matter.

“The greatest,” Gutfeld said. “Who knew Dick Morris lives at the YMCA. Hard times, my friends.”

Just like it went down on Newsmax, it seemed the matter of the underwear bandit would be put to rest right there without further acknowledgment. Gutfeld changed the subject, and several guests weighed in on unrelated matters before he finally called on Timpf to weigh in on the Iowa caucuses.

“No,” she said. “I am still thinking about the underwear guy. Can we please talk about it? There were so many things! He walked by and [Morris] didn’t react because he knows this guy!”

“This guy on TV walks through and nobody reacts. I mean. Come on! I can’t help but notice, sir, that a man in underwear … just walked by your shot. I spent almost all day googling for information – I found nothing.”

“Do you think this is somebody’s house? Adjoining hotel rooms? Some kind of swingers’ convention?” Gutfeld guffawed.

“Because he doesn’t react, and underwear man acts like he’s supposed to be doing that!” Timpf continued. “Like, why wouldn’t I be doing that? Why would I have a shirt on? Why would I have pants on? Why wouldn’t I walk in the shot?”

As of this writing, underwear man had not yet been identified and messages to Newsmax were not attempted.

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