Hail, lightning possible on Hilton Head before 90+ temps arrive. Here’s the forecast

Another round of expected thunderstorms, with the potential to become severe, will move through Beaufort County beginning Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service’s Charleston Office.

Starting at about 3 p.m. and lasting until 9 p.m., isolated severe thunderstorms could stir up damaging wind gusts up to 60 mph, small hail and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. Strong winds can cause damage to trees, mobile homes, roofs and cars. Whipping wind can also cause widespread power outages.

The service encouraged bringing loose outdoor items inside before the bad weather rolls in, and warned about potential downed trees and power lines.

Last weekend, strong thunderstorms came through the county. A strong storm destroyed a park pavilion in Bluffton and a lightning strike led to an attic fire at a vacation rental on Fripp Island.

Frank Strait, the state’s severe weather liaison, said by Sunday the front will have dissipated and high temperatures will set in. Sunday’s max temp will reach 97 degrees. Feels-like temperatures could be over 100, the NWS said.

“Any thunderstorms that erupt from the summery heat and humidity will be few and far between, but those that do may produce gusty winds,” Strait said.

Strait said severe thunderstorms are possible on Memorial Day, but it depends on whether the cold front reaches the state during the heat of the day when it’s most unstable or arrives later after it’s started to cool down.