Haley vows to remain in race ‘as long as we are competitive’

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley is again vowing to stay in the race “as long as we are competitive,” which comes just days ahead of Super Tuesday.

“I’ve always said this needs to be competitive. As long as we are competitive, as long as we are showing that there is a place for us, I’m going to continue to fight. That’s always been the case,” she said when asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” if she will stay in through Super Tuesday.

Despite failing to clinch a win in any of the early primary states so far, Haley has remained adamant about staying in the race through Super Tuesday as she remains the only major challenger to former President Trump. According to Decision Desk HQ, Trump has already clinched 192 delegates, while Haley significantly trails with 24 delegates.

There are 1,215 delegates needed to secure the Republican presidential nomination. There are primary contests in 16 states and the American Samoa on Super Tuesday, but no candidate is expected to garner enough delegates on March 5 to get them the nomination.

NBC’s Kristen Welker then asked if Haley planned to stay in through the Republican presidential convention, but the former South Carolina governor declined to give a clear answer.

“If the people want to see me go forward, they’ll show it. They’ll show it in their votes. They’ll show it in their donations. They’ll show it in the fact that they want us to continue to go forward. This is about really trying to get everyone to realize that this primary isn’t between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley,” she responded.

According to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s national polling average of the GOP primary, Trump is leading Haley by about 65 percentage points as the former U.N. ambassador tries to shore up support before Tuesday.

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