Halle Berry joins Frozen star Josh Gad in new disaster movie Moonfall

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John Wick 3: Parabellum and Catwoman star Halle Berry has joined the cast of Roland Emmerich's upcoming science-fiction disaster movie Moonfall.

As the name implies, the plot of the movie will begin when the moon gets knocked out of its orbit and, of course, is en route to collide with the Earth. A crack team must jet into space, land on the moon, and try to save the planet.

As stated by The Hollywood Reporter, the X-Men actress will play a former astronaut who may (probably will) hold the clue to why the moon is on its way to end life as we know it.

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She isn't the only big-name star for the independently produced and financed film, as Frozen star Josh Gad will play an eccentric genius-type who figures out that there is a potential disaster on the way.

Emmerich will be working with Lionsgate to distribute the film, which is aiming for a 2021 release.

It was a similar setup to Emmerich's 2019 film Midway, a passion project he funded that became one of the most expensive indies of all time and was distributed by Lionsgate.

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It didn't review very well, which was perhaps to be expected from the man behind 10,000 BC and the controversial Stonewall. Critics weren't impressed with the characters and thought the action scenes were bland.

Will Moonfall, a film about the moon falling out of orbit, be the director's Oscar-winning magnum opus? Check back in a year or so for the answer.

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