'I haven't paid my rent in six months': Nika King desperate to get filming Euphoria again

Nika King can't afford her rent credit:Bang Showbiz
Nika King can't afford her rent credit:Bang Showbiz

'Euphoria' actress Nika King has claimed she's been unable to pay her rent for six months because of ongoing delays to the show.

The 44-year-old actress - who plays Leslie Bennett, the mother of Zendaya's Rye Bennett in the HBO series - admitted she has no idea when season three of the drama will be released but she's urged her on-screen daughter to "come home" so they can start work as she needs the money.

Nika shared a clip in Instagram from a recent stand-up comedy set, in which she said: “Season 3 is coming out … I don’t know. Don’t ask me. I don’t know. It’s one of those things.

“People are like, ‘We need Season 3.’ I’m like, ‘I need Season 3, too!’ I haven’t paid my rent in six months, and Zendaya’s over in Paris at Fashion Week.

"I’m like, ‘Come home! I need you. Mama need you.'”

But while the audience laughed, Nika insisted she was "serious" about what she said because she hadn't booked any jobs since landing her role in 'Euphoria'.

She added: “I haven’t booked nothing since ‘Euphoria.’ This is some bull.

“I thought my career was on the rise after ‘Euphoria.’ I thought I was good. It don’t work that way.”

Season two of 'Euphoria' ended in February 2022 and production was then delayed on the third season due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. And in July last year, cast member Angus Cloud died from an accidental overdose aged 25.

'Euphoria' actress Sydney Sweeney - who plays Cassie Howard - recently spoke of filming the "most disgusting" scene she's ever had on the show, explaining a special pipe was created for her to convincingly projectile vomit on screen.

Speaking on YouTube series 'The Hot Ones', she said: "They had to create because Sam [Levinson, director] wanted it to be projectile vomit everywhere whereas a lot of films will just have a cup of mushed up anything that they have from the craft team and it's just mixed with milk and water. It's the most disgusting thing - you just put it in your mouth and hold it then you puke it up. But Sam didn't want that, he wanted vomit everywhere.

"They had to get a pump and they had this pipe that they just taped and hid on my body and then they CGI'd it out. It went up my neck and there was a horse bit that I put in my mouth. So, during that scene they're filling my mouth with throw up and I opened my mouth and it just started shooting out. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever experienced."