Heat Wave: Warning in effect after record-breaking temperatures continue Monday

Windsor-Essex continued to break warm weather records Monday.

The temperature at the Windsor Airport peaked at 31.2 C around 5 p.m., beating out the previous record of 30.8 C set on the same date in 2007.

A heat warning remained in effect throughout the day after Windsor and Sarnia broke records Saturday and Sunday, according to Environment Canada.

Windsor's temperature was 31.4 C on Saturday, beating the previous record of 30.6 C, which was set in 1945. On Sunday, temperatures hit 31.4 C, topping the 2007 record of 30.5 C.

For Sarnia, Saturday's temperature was 32.1 C breaking the 2004 record of 28.8 C. On Sunday it was 32.3 C breaking the 2007 record of 30.4 C. 

Yoseph Mengesha with Environment Canada said Monday could be another record-breaking day for both areas if temperatures exceed 30.8 C in Windsor and 29.6 C for Sarnia. 

A heat warning is in effect and people are advised to schedule outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day, and go to cool places such as the shade, a swimming pool or air conditioned buildings.

Mengesha said temperatures are about 10 to 12 C above the normal average for this time of year. 

He said the heat will last three more days before a cold front will come through Wednesday, bringing temperatures back to seasonal levels starting Thursday.