Here's how Wednesday filmed The Thing's scenes

Watch: Wednesday actor shows how he filmed The Thing

Tim Burton's Netflix show Wednesday has found an unlikely star in The Thing - a solitary hand that viewers can't get enough of.

Wednesday's title character star, Jenna Ortega, has been a hit with fans of The Addams Family's newest incarnation, but the helping hand that joins her in her adventures is a close rival for attention.

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Now, the actor who plays The Thing has revealed how his scenes were shot and some of the behind-the-scenes pictures he's shared are every bit as odd as the monster family he has joined.

The Thing and Wednesday are inseparable. (Netflix)
The Thing and Wednesday are inseparable. (Netflix)

Victor Dorobantu posted some shots from filming to his Instagram, where he showed what an average day on set looks like for him and captioned them: "Behind the scenes of @wednesdaynetflix Me & @jennaortega"

In the show's plot, Wednesday has been sent by parents Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzman) to their old school, Nevermore Academy, but is soon plunged into a gruesome murder mystery.

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Morticia and Gomez have sent a helping hand in the form of The Thing with their daughter to keep an eye on her, and Dorobantu has shown fans the secrets behind playing a disembodied hand.

Photos show him dressed in a full body, hooded blue suit with The Thing built over his real hand, which is the only part of him viewers see.

Dorobantu manages to contort himself into small spaces such as under a desk that Ortega is sitting at, and many of the tables used in scenes have a hole cut out of them to allow the actor's hand to fit through.

Other photos show Dorobantu crouching behind Ortega and behind her character's bed, and lying on a moving trolley so that The Thing appears to be running across the floor.

A short video from the swimming pool scene shows Dorobantu making his hand "swim" before forming a fist for a punching scene.

Fans loved seeing how The Thing was filmed, with one person commenting: "Had no idea an actual real hand was used! Incredible job."

Another person wrote: "This might sound weird... But I LOVE your acting. I spent a lot of time wondering who was behind the amazing Thing."

Someone else added: "My fav character."

Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix.