Here's the Real Reason Why Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney Aren't on 'Criminal Minds'

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While most of the BAU returned for duty in Criminal Minds: Evolution, fans are still having a hard time moving past one major flaw in the Paramount+ series. The absence of Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney.

Ever since the show began last fall, Rossi and the crime-fighting crew have been busy trying to stop a major threat known as UnSub who used the pandemic to build a prolific network of serial killers. Now that the series has officially been renewed, and the season finale is set to premiere February 9, the Criminal Minds crew needs to prepare for even more menaces, including those in the show's comment section.

The show likes to interact with fans on social media so in a recent post, they asked people to "Name this band."

Just like since the first episode aired without Gubler or Henney present, fans (us included!) are still salty that they've been absent from Evolution. People answered with messages like:

  • "Where’s Spencer"

  • "Searching for Spencer 😭"

  • "reidless angst"

  • "Lost Without Our Golden Boys"

Even when dropping good news like their announcement for a new season, it was clear that fans had a list of priorities and although, a new season was on said list, it wasn't at the top of it.

"I really hope Daniel comes back!", commented one watcher. "PLEASE HAVE REID IN THIS NEW SEASON. 🙏 YESSSSSSS MAKE ROOM FOR MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER," begged another fan.

In the premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution, it was briefly explained that Gubler and Henney's characters were off on secret assignments that can't be discussed. In reality, the two actors weren't able to join the new series due to conflicting schedules. Criminal Mind showrunner Erica Messer explained to TV Insider. "We wanted [Gubler and Henny] both back, and they both had other projects, and we only had a very short window to shoot this year. It was literally logistics; we just couldn't get them."

So, for fans who are asking to see their favorite characters back with BAU, don't give up hope just yet! Should schedules align, there's a chance their returns could happen as soon as season two.

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