Highway 401 drama: Dash cam captures woman's fall from SUV in rush hour

Dash cams — front-facing cameras mounted on a car’s dashboard — have grown in popularity around the world, documenting events like the explosion of a large meteor over Russia and the time some Americans documented their drive through Toronto.

This week, as Brendon Colaco waited in rush hour traffic on Highway 401 near Blackcreek Drive, his camera captured the moment a woman violently tumbled from a moving vehicle and onto the asphalt in front of him.

The video, which he shared on web content aggregator Reddit, shows a woman fall into a live lane of traffic from the front passenger side door as the vehicle enters the frame. She then quickly gets up, collects some items from the ground and moves to the emergency lane.

A woman gets to her feet after tumbling from a moving SUV on Highway 401 on May 14.

“I asked her if she was OK but she did not speak any english,” Colaco said on Reddit. “She then continued to walk in the emergency lane away from the vehicle.”

After that, Colaco said, a man driving the SUV pulled onto the shoulder, got out of the vehicle and followed her for a few minutes before returning to the vehicle and driving off without her.

“She ended up walking about 100 metres from the scene but I stuck around till the cops got her and also gave them all this info,” Colaco said. “She didn’t seem seriously injured and just had minor bruises.”

Ontario Provincial Police haven’t said whether the woman fell, jumped or was pushed from the SUV, or what happened in the vehicle in the moments before. However, police have said both the man and woman were interviewed and an investigation is ongoing.

In the meantime, users on Reddit, where the video first surfaced, are have shared their thoughts on the video.

Reddit users’ reactions to the video.