Ask the Expert: What secrets do you want to know from hotel staff?

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From the most luxurious spaces, to rooms that are more about convenience than comfort, there are plenty of secrets hidden behind-the-scenes at hotels.

Hospitality staff from the front desk to the valet, the people who come to freshen up your room or bring you your room service order, interact will all kinds of guests with different needs - and sometimes odd guest etiquette.

Whether they want you to know these details or not, hotel staff hold secrets that can be your golden ticket for a more enjoyable stay.

Yahoo Canada will be speaking to hotel staff about what their jobs are really like and we want to know what questions you have for them.

Have you ever wondered how people get room upgrades or special rates? Are you curious about how clean a hotel room really is? Or maybe you want to know about some of the crazy requests that hotel guests have made during their stay?

Leave your questions in the comments below!