Huge sea creature feeds on fisherman’s bait in New York. See ‘incredible sight’

Chris Seeger is an avid fisherman, so the recent “strong winds and chilly weather” didn’t deter him from heading out on his jet ski in New York — and his determination paid off big time.

Not only did Seeger have a great day bass fishing on Nov. 19, but he also got an “up close” visit from a group of whales off the coast of Long Beach, he told McClatchy News in a Nov. 27 email.

“The first time a whale breached, it happened right next to me!” he said in his email. “I often come across whales and dolphins during the season, but this time they were much closer than usual.”

A video shows the huge sea creatures swimming alongside Seeger, feeding on bait fish.

“It was quite an incredible sight to see the whales up close,” Seeger said. “The fishing was so good that day, with countless bass catches, but I couldn’t resist dedicating some time to capture the remarkable moment on video.”

The New York Bight — the waterway between Cape May, New Jersey, and Montauk, New York — is visited often by several whale species, including humpbacks, fin whales, minke whales and North Atlantic right whales, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

It’s unclear what kind of whale Seeger spotted.

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