Hurricane Fiona devastates Puerto Rico with heavy rain, deaths

The entire island of Puerto Rico was without power on Sunday as Hurricane Fiona made landfall and threatened to cause "catastrophic flooding" and landslides before barreling toward the Dominican Republic, a government agency said.

The hurricane unleashed more rain on Puerto Rico on Monday and National Guard troops rescued hundreds of people who got stranded.

The storm stripped pavement from roads, tore off roofs and sent torrents pouring into homes. It also took out a bridge and flooded two airports. Puerto Rico's ports have been closed and flights out of the main airport cancelled.

Authorities reported two deaths from the hurricane — a Puerto Rican man who was swept away by a flooded river and a person in the Dominican Republic who was hit by a falling tree.

Since the start of the storm, National Guard troops have rescued more than 900 people, Gen. José Reyes told a news conference.

The blow from Fiona was made more devastating because Puerto Rico has yet to recover from Hurricane Maria, which killed nearly 3,000 people and destroyed the power grid in 2017.

Five years later, more than 3,000 homes on the island are still covered by blue tarps.

Here is a grim look into the the hurricane that has devastated the island.

With files from Associated Press