Hyundai Ioniq 6 pricing starts at $42,715 with deliveries coming this spring

The stunning Hyundai Ioniq 6 goes on sale soon, and the automaker has mounted a full-court press to spread the word. Hyundai just announced pricing for the car, which goes on sale this spring.

Hyundai offers several configuration options for the Ioniq 6, ranging from the SE Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range at $42,715 to the Limited All-Wheel Drive at $57,215, both including the $1,115 destination fee. Pricing, power, and range estimates for the line include:

  • SE RWD: 149 horsepower, 240 miles, $42,715

  • SE RWD Long Range: 225 HP, 361 miles, $46,615

  • SE AWD Long Range: 320 HP, 316 miles, $50,115

  • SEL RWD: 225 HP, 305 miles, $48,815

  • SEL AWD: 320 HP, 270 miles, $52,315

  • Limited RWD: 225 HP, 305 miles, $53,715

  • Limited AWD: 320 HP, 270 miles, $56,100

Interestingly, a difference in delivery charges makes the Ioniq 6 slightly cheaper than its electric sibling. The Ioniq 5 starts at $42,785 after a $1,335 destination charge. The Ioniq 6 is significantly less expensive than the related Kia EV 6, however, which starts at $50,025.

Hyundai's pricing and configuration offerings for the Ioniq 6 place it in close competition with the Tesla Model 3. The Hyundai is slightly cheaper than the Model 3 at the bottom end, but Tesla buyers can quickly push the price higher with color and technology options. That said, the base Ioniq 6 SE RWD is short on range compared to the base Model 3. Tesla isn’t currently offering the Model 3 Long Range, leaving the Model 3 Performance with 315 miles of range as the catalog-topping car. It's worth noting that the Model 3 is currently eligible for federal tax credits, though those rules have been rather nebulous so far this year.

The Ioniq 6 gets 800-volt architecture and can take advantage of 350 kW fast charging. Hyundai equips a battery pre-heater and a prep system to help speed up charging, which it says enables a fast charge from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes.

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